All Good Things

By Eric Lam on Friday, August 21, 2015

This was a jam-packed summer.

I've already talked about my first week and shown a little bit of all of the things that I have cooked this summer. But the summer was much more packed than just that.

It was a crazy time at Cisco. I met many people, interns and full-timers alike. I worked on a team in UCE in Cisco Commerce (under CVC under IT) with two other interns: Grant Doctor and Aparna Narayan. We worked on adding Spring-AOP-based performance metrics to the commerce system.

But the summer was packed full of activities. There was the CVC Picnic, we went to Santa Cruz, there was an IT Intern Showcase, and even a CVC Intern Showcase.

And I thought I took a lot of photos at those things.

I didn't spend many weekends sitting at home.

  • Once I visited some friends in Mountain View, also going to a local dance studio and having a blast.
  • Another weekend, my intern buddy, Glen, and a few other people and I went hiking in Big Basin Redwoods State Park.
  • July 4th weekend I went with a couple other interns to Yosemite, getting some of the best views of my life.
  • Later I went with a fellow RPI student/Google intern to Mt. Tamalpais (Mt. Tam for short) State Park for some hiking.
  • I trekked out to San Francisco another weekend, touring around, eating way too much food (stopping for Sushirrito, chashu baos, egg custard tarts, clam chowder, fried calimari, a Ghirardelli Sundae, a burrito...) as well as taking many, many photos.

But there is more! I went with my Google friend to Monterey, where we visited the aquarium, ate, and drove along the shoreline. And there was Bricks by the Bay, a LEGO convention held in Santa Clara.

The summer proved to be quite a blast. I met wonderful people and learned a ton, both in a technical sense and in a professional sense.

Alas, though, the summer is over. I have moved back home, have finally finished going through (and editing) all my photos (of which I took nearly 6400, which I cut down to about 725 photos). Classes are just around the corner (I move back to RPI on Monday).

Next summer has to work hard to beat this.