Halfway Through College

By Eric Lam on Saturday, May 23, 2015

After finishing my last of five finals yesterday, I feel free.

First semester this year was Electric Circuits, CoCO (Computer Components and Operations), LITEC (Laboratory Introduction to Imbedded Control), Engineering Dynamics, and Introduction to Algorithms. A busy semester with quite the work load, but with some fun material (LITEC had some cool microcontroller stuff).

Then came along this semester, with Intro to Electronics, Operating Systems, Engineering Probability, Signals and Systems, Principles of Software, and even an ECSE Seminar class. It was a heck of a lot of fun (but so incredibly busy) and things are starting to get to the point where I am learning what I want to, and not just “the basics.” Next semester I am going to take major-specific electives (like Machine Learning and Digital Signals Processing). I can’t wait!

On top of all of that was Ballroom Dance. I continued with ballroom, dancing with Karen Baltazar. Though we didn’t do too spectacularly in the Fall semester, we moved up to Silver for the Spring. With a bit of work, we we able to rock at the Bronze level and even do pretty well at the Silver level (great for a first-semester Silver couple).

Now I have a week to rest before I ship off to California to work for Cisco. I am going to have a blast!